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Horse Racing Syndicates - How to Join?

racehorse shares with Canter Banter Racing Horse Racing Syndicate

Find out what it means to have a share in a racehorse...

If you are wondering what a horse racing syndicate is and how it works, we are happy to talk you through how we can make this a reality.

A horse racing syndicate is a group of horse racing enthusiasts who all own a share or multiple shares in one or more
racehorses. Our racehorse shares are paid for on a yearly basis, with the option of renewal once the syndicate year has completed.

Canter Banter provides an affordable opportunity to experience the thrill of owning a racehorse, where you will receive a truly fantastic experience of being part of the team. We fully immerse you into the overall experience of being a racehorse syndicate member and racehorse owner. It is a great way to get involved in owning a racehorse and to enjoy the excitement of horse racing with friends, family, colleagues and other like-minded individuals.

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