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Torolight To Retire!

Torolight to retire!

Torolight “Toro” is the founding member of Canter Banter Racing but sadly his time as part of the team has come to an end, in the spirit of Canter Banter we have re-homed him to do Retraining of Racehorses (ROR) classes.

The change of pace and scenery is certainly something that he will appreciate and after his two years of service and 13 runs we think he has thoroughly deserved it. Torolight is very sound and talented and could easily turn his hoof to many different disciplines, he would run week in week out if you asked him but his heart is not in it and we are sure he will be a very happy horse doing something completely different. Torolight has taught us a great deal and we will always look back on him with fond memories, especially as he gave Canter Banter their first ever winner!

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